Chris Collings

My name is Chris Collings and I’m pleased to be the Scottish Libertarian Party candidate for Stranraer and The Rhins.

Who Am I and Why Should You Vote For Me?

I am not a politician, I am just a Minibus driver who is tired of services being taken away from our area even though we pay our fair share for their provision. I don’t seek office to govern but to serve. Someone needs to make sure that the simple issues that bother our residents especially older people like dog fouling or uneven pavements are addressed. We need to fight against useless projects and properly fund our schools. If we are expected to pay council tax, it should be spent wisely. The council can find the money to waste on several vanity projects in the other end of the region, yet essential services are taken away at this end of the region. The point is that we already pay for these services through council tax, which incidentally has been raised even though services continue to be cut.

I will work tirelessly to get the service from Dumfries & Galloway Council that the people of Stranraer and The Rhins deserve.

If, however, you are looking to contact me, please feel free to email or contact me on Facebook .



For more information on party policies at a national level please see the 2016 party manifesto Here, or visit our main party site  www.scottishlibertarians,com.

The Leader of The Scottish Libertarian party gives his view on the indy debate here: Why I Cannot Vote Yes Again.







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